Pilibhit: Over 38,000 farmers fail to supply sugarcane to sugar mill

Bisalpur (Pilibhit), Uttar Pradesh: As many as 38,000 farmers out of 1.13 lakh farmers did not supply cane to the sugar mills in the region, reports Amar Ujala.

As per the Cooperative Sugarcane Development Committee, there are around 1.13 lakh sugarcane farmers registered with it to supply cane to Kisan cooperative sugar mill, Bisalpur, Bajaj Hindusthan sugar mill Barkhera, Dwarikesh sugar mill Faridpur, Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar mill Maksudapur, Dalmia Sugar mill Nigohi and HL sugar mill Pilibhit.

After the completion of the cane crushing season, a list of farmers was rechecked and it was found that around 38,000 farmers associated with these mills have not supplied cane to the mills. As these farmers are members of the committee, it suggests that they have grown sugarcane crops and the crop was standing in their fields.

The cane grown in these farmers’ fields might have been less than expected.


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