Plans are afoot to bring sugarcane cultivation in Maharashtra under drip irrigation over the next four years


Mumbai (Maharashtra), Mar 6, ANI: While presenting the maiden budget of the Maha Vikas Aghadi in the Legislative Assembly on Friday, Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar accused the Centre of not doing enough for the farmers and claimed that the latter did not approve funds to help smallholders recover from crop loss.

Pawar said,”Central government did not approve funds last year for farmers who faced crop loss due to rainfall. Centre only approved around Rs 956 crores. So instead of waiting for Centre’s help, we took the initiative to help the farmers,” he said. Pawar also spoke on the coronavirus scare and claimed that because of deadly virus “Indian economy is facing a great loss…I am not saying this is to criticise the Central Government over current economic conditions but it is a fact.”

He said plans are afoot to bring water-intensive sugarcane cultivation in the state under drip irrigation over the next four years and giving relief on interest to participating farmers. The Chief Minister’s Water Conservation Scheme is being introduced, and Rs 2000 crore has been allocated to the Water and Soil Conservation department for this.

“In the next five years, 5,000 solar agricultural pumps will be set up to provide electricity to farmers at night. Rs 670 crore has been set aside for it.”

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