Police blockade affects sugarcane supply to sugar mill

Palwal, Haryana: Sugarcane supply to the Palwal sugar mill was affected as the police blocked the National Highway-19 to restrict farmers from MP to march towards the Delhi border.

More than 50 trucks loaded with sugarcane moving towards the sugar mill were stuck on the highway due to the blockade.

According to the news report published in Tribuneindia.com, a farmer from the Badoli village of the district said, “We are taking alternate routes to carry cane from our fields to mill via a link road. This is increasing our transportation cost.” Subhash Kaushik, secretary, transport association stated that the number of trucks have been stuck at the KMP eway and others were operating behind the schedule.

Sugarcane growers from Palwal, Faridabad, Mewat and Gurugram districts supply cane to the sugar mill.

Naresh Kumar, managing director of the sugar mill said, “The operations of the sugar mill are not affected. The truck drivers are taking alternate routes to reach the sugar mill. The management has taken measures to ensure that the supply is not affected.”



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