Post Taliban takeover, Afghanistan’s trade with Pakistan rose 50 per cent


Kabul [Afghanistan], August 24 (ANI): Trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan has seen a rise of nearly 50 per cent, a media report said quoting Afghanistan’s chamber of commerce and industry.

This comes after the Taliban captured Afghanistan last week.
Despite the problems in transit, the trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan has risen by 50 per cent in the past week as the Taliban now hold control over Afghanistan’s borders and dry ports, Khaama Press said.

Deputy of the chamber Khan Jan Alokozai said that due to closure of banks, problems in the transit sector are still visible but the exports of Afghanistan and imports of Pakistan have seen a rise, Khaama Press said.

On Monday, Afghanistan’s chamber of commerce and investment’s members met with the Taliban and shared their concerns.

The Taliban’s spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid said that they are focused on the economic situation and are working hard to implement the schemes they have prepared.

The Taliban have also asked the customs to not allow the export of metal until further announcement.

Meanwhile, Iran has increased the export of gas and oil after the Taliban asked it to do so. (ANI)



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