Praj Industries to build ethanol plants in Brazil

Praj Industries, one of the major companies in industrial biotechnology, has made its mark in Brazil. The company has started its first grain-based ethanol project in Brazil, showing diversion from sugar-based to grain-based ethanol production.

Additionally, Praj has secured another contract for an ethanol plant with a prominent global renewable company in Brazil. Engineering activities for this project will commence this quarter, with construction slated for the following quarter, as stated by Shishir Joshipura, CEO and MD of Praj Industries.

Praj’s notable achievement includes delivering a starch-to-ethanol plant for Fermap Industria De Alcool in Brazil, capable of producing 63,000 litres per day using 150 million tonnes of corn feedstock daily. This plant boasts low energy consumption, high ethanol yield, zero liquid discharge, and a minimal carbon footprint.

Furthermore, Praj has commenced work for Be8, a significant biodiesel company in Brazil. The company is also progressing with plans for a starch-to-ethanol plant in Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul, capable of producing ethanol from corn or wheat feedstock.

These endeavours align with Praj’s strategy to expand its international business share. Besides, Praj is involved in pioneering projects globally, including blue hydrogen initiatives in Europe, sustainable aviation fuel plants in the US, and a greenfield plant in Ivory Coast, Africa.


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