Praj Industries working on diesel-ethanol technology


Pune: Praj Industries is working on technology to blend diesel with ethanol which will help reduce diesel-related emissions, while reducing consumption and imports, said the CEO and MD of the company Shishir Joshipura, reports The Times of India.

The company is one of the major stakeholders in ethanol-production technology and has rolled out its Bio Syrup technology to help sugar mills to store cane syrup that can be used for longer periods to produce ethanol during the off-season.

The company is also working with IOCL to blend ethanol with petrol.
He said that we want to extend ethanol blending into diesel as well, but the feedstock for bio-diesel is the issue. We are attempting to process jatropha but it is not available in sufficient quantity while the city waste we are working on is more difficult process. We are taking the help of stakeholders like ARAI and several union ministries to develop technology to blend diesel with ethanol. We hope to achieve some results in the next few years.


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