Private mills lag in sugar recovery rate

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Private sugar mills in Ahmednagar district completed their crushing. This year sugar recovery rate remained at 11.05 per cent, and cooperative sugar mills witnessed a hike in it as compared to private sugar mills.
The recovery rate of private mills registered at 10.80 per cent, whereas of the co-operative mills recorded at 11.14 per cent. Last year, the average recovery of mills from both sectors were 11 per cent.
Last year farmers’ organisations raised objections against the mills having lower recovery rate.  Reacting to it, mills held age-old machinery responsible for this.
This year, the recovery of Thorat co-operative sugar mill from Sangamner is highest at 11.83  per cent, followed by BB Tanpure Co-operative sugar mill with 11.74 per cent. In private mills, Ambalika has the highest recovery of 11.33 per cent, whereas the lowest recovery rate registered by  Sai Krupa mills against at 8.09 per cent.
Recovery of sugar mills in the last two years
Mill                     2017-18                2018-19
Sanjivani              10.12                      9.67
Kale                     10.43                     10.92
Ganesh                19.33                     10.48
Ashok                  10.71                     11.24
Pravara                11.78                     11.03
Mula                    11.10                     10.98
Agasti                  11.33                     11.76
Ambalika              11.63                     11.33


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