Private sugar mills in Maharashtra seek to commence 2019-20 season on November 1

Pune: Sugar mills in Maharashtra urge to commence 2019-2020 sugar season from November 1, whereas contrary to this Cooperative sugar millers in the state had earlier sought December 1 as the crushing date for the new season.

B B Thombare, president of Western India Sugar Mill Association (WISMA) said, “State government had sought an opinion from sugar mills regarding this and considering the recent floods in Kolhapur, Sangli, Pune and Satara, the association had recommended November 1 as the start to the season.”

Thombare stressed that the sugarcane in Western Maharashtra should be used quickly as most of them are damaged because of the flood. “Farmers from Marathwada have uprooted sugarcane to feed their animals as fodders were not available. So, if the crushing season gets delay, there is a likelihood of more cane being diverted towards fodder.” he further added.

The decision regarding the start of crushing would be taken after the election only as code of conduct is enforced now.

A total of 195 sugar mills participated in the operation this season. According to the Sugar Commissionerate report, the factories have crushed 951.79 lakh tonnes of sugarcane to produce 107.19 lakh tonnes of sugar at a recovery rate of 11.26 per cent.

Speaking about cane arrears in Maharashtra, 56 sugar mills in Maharashtra are yet to pay 1.71 per cent (Rs 397.96 crore) of FRP to farmers out of total Rs 23,293.82 crore. So far sugar mill paid 98.38 per cent cane dues, that is Rs 22,915.62.

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