Production Of More Than 11.50 Lakh Tonnes Of Sugar Completed


ChiniMandi, Pune: India’s less than half sugar factories have started working and only 11 lakh 63 thousand tonnes of sugar is produced yet. Maharashtra is currently on top of production with more than half share of the whole. As the crushing kick-started later in UP, mills were able to produce approximately 1.76 lakh tonnes of sugar till 15th Nov.
Every year India witnesses around 530 to 550 sugar mills in working status, this year only 238 mills have taken up the speed.
Last year on this day, 349 sugar mills were working it means 111 factories are yet to start the crushing in this year. For now, India has so far produced 11.63 lakh tonnes of sugar, exactly a year back the numbers went to 13.73 lakh tonnes. In Maharashtra, out of 108 mills, 6.31 lakh tonnes of sugar was produced.
On Monday (19th Nov.) Maharashtra’s 129 sugar factories were working out of which 57 are private and 72 are co-operative. Out of it, 97.89 lakh tonnes sugarcane has been crushed and 9 lakh tonnes of sugar is produced. The average sugar yield received is 9.22%.
This year, UP sugar mills lacked behind in starting the crushing process thus 38 sugar mills have so far produced 1.76 lakh tonnes of sugar. Last year during the same time, 5.67 lakh tonnes of sugar was produced by 78 mills.
Karnataka has produced 1.85 lakh tonnes from 36 mills whereas last year the number went to 3.71 lakh tonne out from 59 mills.
Gujarat’s 14 mills have produced 1.05 lakh tonne in total and Tamil Nadu’s 4 factories have reached 60 thousand tonnes of sugar production for now.



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