Production Of One Crore Quintals Of sugar For The First Time-Vikrami Ganga-Satara

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During the current season, 13 factories of Satara district have touched the figures of 86 lakh 77 thousand 201 million metric tonnes of cane crushing on 18th April after crossing the crushing up to date.

Satara district’s crushing season started from 5th November. Pratapgad factory was closed from the beginning due to lack of machinery in 14 factories, the remaining 13 factories remained ready till the end of March. Near the end of April 18, the crushing season of nine factories has ended. The Sahyadri plant has produced 15 lakh 62 thousand 195 quintals of sugar by crushing 12 lakh 56 thousand 500 metric tons of sugarcane so far. This factory has made the highest sugar production in the district. Following this, the Krishna Cooperative Factory has produced 11 lakh 57 thousand 250 tonnes of sugarcane and 14 lakh 72 thousand 280 lakh quintals of sugar have been produced. The sugar production in this district is the highest in the district of 12.72. While Jarandeshwar Sugar Mills is at the third position, this factory has produced 10 lakh 98 thousand 570 quintals of sugar by crushing 9 lakh 10 thousand 9 30 metric tonnes of sugarcane.

Besides, Sharayya Sugar Mill has produced 9, 17, 850 quintals of sugar by crushing 8 lakh 41 thousand 5 metric tonnes of sugarcane. Swaraj has produced 5 lakh 34 thousand 35 quintals of sugarcane crushing 4 lakh 94 thousand 33 tons of sugarcane. Green Power has produced 7 lakh 1 thousand 8990 quintals of sugar by completing 6 lakh 14 metric ton mills. Jaywant Sugar has produced 6 lakh 14 thousand 10 metric ton of sugarcane and produced 7 lakh 96 thousand 600 quintals of sugar. New Phaltan Sugarwadi factory has produced 3 lakh 3 thousand 250 quintals of sugar by completing 2 lakh 83 thousand 457 metric ton sugar cane crushing. The Khandala taluka sugar factory has crushed 2 lakh 91.16 million metric tonnes sugarcane and produced 3,33,000 quintals of sugar.

The Rayat plant has produced 4 lakh 44 thousand 9 40 quintals of sugar. The Ajinkyatara factory has produced 6 lakh 7 thousand 9 80 metric tonnes of sugarcane and produced 7 lakh 33 thousand 820 quintals of sugar. The Ganesh Chaturthi factory has produced 2 lakh 42 thousand 25 quintals of sugar. The Kisan Vir factory has produced 8 lakh 18 thousand 9 00 quintals of sugar. The Sriram factory has produced 4 lakh 48 thousand 650 quintals of sugar by crushing 3 lakh 85 thousand 9 35 metric tonnes of sugarcane.

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