Production of sanitizer continues on a war footing in Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow: As per directions of the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath, to stop the community spread of the global pandemic Corona and to destroy it completely in the State and country the state’s excise and sugar industry and Cane development department have ensured sufficient production of sanitizer to ensure uninterrupted supplies of sanitizer along with making “Bhagirath attempt” to flow the “Ganga of Sanitizer” into other states.

While providing detailed information in this regard, Commissioner Cane and sugar Shri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy told that after the worldwide spread of the infection of Corona pandemic, in India the use of hand sanitizer had increased in all public and private places. Due to this, the demand for sanitizer has increased in Uttar Pradesh as well as in other states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh etc. in view of this immediate decision was taken to start sanitizer production by distilleries located in the sugar mills of the state. Licenses were provided to the units manufacturing sanitizer and through these units and sugar mills, Initially, the target was to make sixty thousand litres of sanitizer per day, which has now increased to two lakh litres per day. Out of 85 units engaged in sanitizer production in Uttar Pradesh includes 27 sugar mills, 12 distilleries and 37 sanitizer manufacturing companies and 09 other institutions. Total production of 39,10,300 litres sanitizer has been done till date in the state and 29,79,700 litres of sanitizer have been supplied in the market and 33,77,500 sanitizer packs are still available for sale.

Shri Bhoosreddy also informed that supplies of 3,705 litres to J&k, 30,095  ltr. to Punjab,  60,644 liters-Uttarakhand,  2,765 liters-Chandigarh, 4,11,445ltr.-Haryana, 2,46,004 ltr.-Delhi, 25,543ltr.-Rajasthan, 59,637ltr.-Gujarat, 28,710 ltr-Bihar, 18,916 ltr-MadhyaPradesh, 13751 ltr.Jharkhand, 12,805 ltr.-Odisha, 2,89,350 ltr.-Maharashtra, 12,726 ltr.-Telangana,  71,510 ltr Karnataka, 25,898 ltr.-Tamilanadu,  2,545 ltr.- Kerla,  23,016 ltr.- West Bengal,  60,000 ltr.-Dadra and Nagar Haveli,  has been made from the State. Along with this in the states of North East India 22,606 litres to Assam, 9,890 litres to Meghalaya, and 620 litres to Nagaland, Has been supplied till now.

In addition to the above, free of cost  supplies sanitizer is being made  to the various Government departments  like District administration, Police, Municipal corporation and health department, which  are constantly engaged in preventing the spread of corona pandemic. Along with this, all Government offices and public places located in sugar mill areas are also being sanitized  by sugar mills of the state. Under this sanitization programme, till now more than two thousand five hundred villages, about two hundred towns, and seventeen hundred institutions have been sanitized. It will definitely help in preventing the corona pandemic and will also ensure the health protection of the front line officers and employees of the above mentioned departments working in the fields.


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