Project SHINE to help farmers in Bhutan to market agri produce online

Thimphu [Bhutan], October 23 (ANI): The lack of a market is typically what deters farmers in isolated areas from producing more farm goods. Farmers in Pema Gatshel can now utilise the web platform of the SHINE initiative, which stands for the Sustainable Hospitality Industry Inclusive of Native Entrepreneurs, Bhutan Live reported.

Recently, the initiative in Shumar Gewog taught farmers in Pema Gatshel how to use the e-commerce platform.

In Pema Gatshel, about 60 participants from various gewogs received the training they needed to succeed in the digital market. Participants in the e-commerce workshop received instruction on the fundamentals of e-commerce as well as assistance in uploading their products to the SHINE application, according to Bhutan Live.

The participants have said that the internet platform will enable them to reach a larger audience, hence boosting their revenue and improving their standard of living.

Dendup Tshering, a participant said, “Though we do not have our own produce, we can help farmers sell theirs to the customers. We can make some income from that too.”

“I learnt how to post our farm produce online for sale. In the future if I happen to run any kind of business, this e-commerce platform will help me,” said another participant, Tashi Lhamo.

Participant Pema Chedon said, “I think the app will be more convenient and will cause less damages to our farm produce.”

In addition to agricultural products, the online platform will act as a marketplace for locally created goods and other items sold in the area.

“It is to link our local producers with the tourism sector through the tourism value chain. Secondly, it is to mitigate the import and to encourage them to use their local produce. And lastly, it is to help generate income for farmers and to enhance their livelihood,” said Tshering Wangmo, the Project Coordinator, of the SHINE Project, Bhutan Live reported.

On the app, vendors can also modify their prices and quantities.

This week’s two-day training came to a close earlier. It was sponsored by the EU SWITCH-Asia programme and put on by the SHINE Project. Additionally, six eastern districts, including Dagana, will participate in the training. (ANI)




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