Protection from top borer: Scientists issues an advisory for sugarcane farmers

Karnal: The scientists of ICAR- sugarcane breeding institute, regional centre, Karnal have issued an advisory in the wake of the spread of top borer insects, reports The Tribune.

Scientists said that eggs, moths, leaves and adults of the top borer insects were found in the fields.

Last season farmers had faced losses due to the insects and this is the right time to take preventive measures, they said.

Dr. S K Pandey,head, sugarcane breeding institute regional centre, said,”all the types of top borer were found in the fields during our survey.”
“Around 60-70% of cane grown is of CO-0238 variety which is more susceptible to top borer,” he said.

“We have asked farmers to take precautions as the crops grown during October have suffered losses,” said Pandey.

He appealed to the farmers to spray Chlorantraniliprole 18.5 SC insecticide either in April-end or in the first week of May at collar drenching. He said that Farmers should use 150ml of this insecticide in 300 litres of water for one acre.


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