Punjab: Farmers block railway tracks, demand clearance of sugarcane dues


Amritsar, 04 December, (ANI): Demanding the clearance of sugarcane dues from Rana Sugar Mill, farmers on Tuesday blocked the Amritsar-Delhi railway tracks.

“We are protesting today near Rayya and have blocked the railway track. We have earlier written a letter to the Punjab government through all the District Collectors of the state. But the Punjab government did not pay any attention to it. We had a meeting with the Chief Minister on September 16 and also with the DC of Amritsar and IG but nothing has been done as of now. That is why we are blocking these tracks. We do not want to block these, all the passengers are our brothers and sisters,” Savinder Singh, a farmer told ANI. He claimed that the farmers have committed suicide and still the government is not paying any attention.

“Our demands to the central government are regarding the loans. Farmers are committing suicide and there is sand mining. There are also local demands which concern different districts. But the government is not paying any attention to it,” he added.

“Punjab police have held around 200-250 farmers last night. If they do not release them, the protest will continue,” Singh said.

“The train services have severely been affected. Two trains are standing here since long and are not able to cross,” said gateman of railways.


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