Rail incentives to boost sugar industry

New Delhi: In order to provide support to the sugar industry, the Railways has decided to give freight incentives including cancellation of 5 per cent “Supplementary Charges” and continuation of 15 per cent relaxation to the sugar transport for the next few months.

Railway usually levies Busy Season Charge (BSC) of 15 per cent between October 1 to June 30 every year on transportation, which it has decided to defer. It has also decided to defer an additional 5 per cent “Supplementary Charges” on the mini and two-point rake. The rainy season is considered a lean period in the transport sector and railway reduces 15 per cent in freight charges for three months including July, August, and September. The railway has decided to continue the relaxation for the month of October also.

In recent times, due to the availability of trucks and other means to transport sugar, the railway witnessed a decline in revenue, so by reducing the cost of transportation railway will also try to make money. With these incentives, the sugar industry is likely to get some relief.

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