Rain damages sugarcane crops in Nimbola region

Burhanpur, MP: The district received good rainfall on Saturday. The rainfall is considered good for several crops grown in the region but has severely affected the sugarcane grown in the Nimbola region. More than 40 farmers have experienced financial losses due to heavy rainfall in the region, according to bhaskar.

However, the damage is reported to be within the range of 5 to 10 percent.

According to the farmers, the sugarcane crops have suffered damage due to rain a day prior in the Nimbla region. When the farmers reached their fields on Sunday, they discovered the extent of the damage. Additionally, a few banana saplings belonging to some farmers have also fallen.

Nevertheless, this is a partial loss. The reason for the damage from the falling sugarcane saplings is that their weight decreases once they fall. On the other hand, the rain has brought a sigh of relief to the farmers. They had been waiting for rain for quite a few days.


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