Ethanol production: Raizen takes technology support from Sulzer

Raizen plans to get technical support from Sulzer, one of the major producers of ethanol using sugarcane waste in Brazil, reports Memuk.

Raizen plans to set up 20 second-generation processing facilities in the next seven years.

Production of ethanol by fermentation of crop waste is gaining popularity in the world.

Ethanol blending with gasoline has been practiced in several markets to reduce the carbon footprints of road transport.

Energy companies are working on producing biofuels that can replace fossil fuels.

Considering that the biofuel demand in the world is increasing by 14% the company is working on expanding its production capacity by introducing second-generation ethanol (E2G) production technology.

At present Raizen’s bioethanol plants use raw sugarcane for ethanol production but the E2G facilities can use sugarcane waste, molasses, and other waste materials for ethanol production.


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