Ramala sugar mill completes cane crushing season


Baghpat: Cooperative sugar mill Ramala has completed cane crushing operations with setting a new record of crushing 98.80 lakh quintal sugarcane this season.

The sugar mill has so far cleared Rs 123 crore cane dues for the crushing season 2020-21. The mill authorities have stated that the remaining cane dues will be cleared soon.

According to the news report published in Livehindustan.com, Dr. R B Ram, the chief manager said that the mill began its operations on November 4, 2020. With the daily crushing capacity of 50,000 quintal cane, the mill completed crushing of cane in its jurisdiction by May 26. The mill then continued crushing cane from the jurisdiction of Baghpat mill as it had stopped crushing due to some technical issues. By June 3, the mill had completed a crushing of 98.80 lakh quintal sugarcane.


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