Record handling of sugar at JSW Jaigarh Port during season 2021-22

Port is a gateway for the Sugar manufacturing cluster in Maharashtra and Karnataka hinterland. JSW Jaigarh handled 15.20 L Mt of cargo by handling 39 number of vessels in a Sugar season of 2021-22 to become the second largest port in India. Three years back they started with 5 LMT of sugar for export and within 3 years they scaled the volumes by 3 folds.

In conversation with ChiniMandi News, Mr. Vijay Girase – Business Development Consultant, JSW Jaigarh Port Ltd. (JPL) shared his views on the development. He said, “With best handling practices, we have satisfied existing and new customer base. Our economic and smooth handling has helped the exporters and sugar factories for cost effective movement of cargo from hinterland to the various part of world. Port has handled bulk as well as break bulk cargo with on two berths. JPL is proud to be part of the Nation building by providing the FOREX revenue earning. We are thankful to all our customers, traders, stakeholders and associates for their trust and support. We look forward to achieve top rank in sugar export in upcoming season.”


Some of the Achievements for the sugar season 21-22
● Volume Handled- 15.20 Lakh MT
● No. of vessels handled- 39 nos.
● Covered storage capacity for sugar – 2 Lakh MT.
Adding another 50k MT covered storage capacity by Sept 2022.
● Biggest parcel size– 68800 MT. Vessel Name– MV CL Tianjing…Completed on 09.02.2022
● Highest load rate– 20376 MT PWWD SHINC, Vessel Name- MV Yoga…..Completed on 10.11.2021
● Average load rate – 11500 MT PWWD SHINC
● Highest unloading of cargo in a day – 11260 MT/ 386 Trucks on 18.05.2022

Some of our Major Customers:
1) Garden Court Distilleries Pvt. Ltd.
2) Shree Dutt India Pvt. Ltd.
3) Sakuma Exports Ltd.
4) Indian Sugar Exim Corporation
5) Viterra India Ltd.
6) Louis Dreyfus Commodities Pvt. Ltd.
7) KN Resources Pvt. Ltd.
8) Agrocorp India

For Marketing related information please contact :
1) Mr. Vijay Girase, Mob. 99216 12630 (
2) Mr. Rupesh Belose, Mob. 88793 87999 (

For Operating related information please contact :
1) Mr. Sameer Gayakwad, Mob. 95525 77422 (
2) Mr. Nilesh Wable, Mob. 95525 77550 (


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