Red rot disease affects the growth of cane crops in the region


Kashipur: The spread of red rot disease has increased the worries of the sugarcane farmers in the region, according to amarujala.

Cane crops grown in Kilawali, Gadhinegi, Maldhanchaud, Kundeshwari and Manpur villages are infected with the red rot disease.

Dr Jitendra Kwatra, in charge of Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), said that the infection of this disease starts in July and August. Initially, the inner part of the cane becomes red and later on the leaves of the crop start drying with red spots appearing on them. The crop becomes dry and mills reject it as hardly any juice is extracted from it, he said.

The CO-238 variety of cane is more prone to this disease and the experts have suggested several remedies to stop the spread of this disease.

The experts suggest that the farmers should use different varieties of cane every year and weed out the infected cane crops and spray 10-20 gram bleaching powder in fields after removing crops.


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