Regreen Excel actively providing ‘grain distillery module’ for existing molasses-based distilleries to produce ethanol

Taking forward the EBP programme of the GOI, at Regreen Excel a lot of modules are being worked out to help the distillery and sugar industries through technological innovations to produce ethanol. The Government of India has proposed use of surplus food grains or damaged food grains for the production of ethanol/biofuel. The decision to use the surplus or damaged food grains for making ethanol shows the government’s commitment to propagate and promote the ethanol blended petrol (EBP).

Regreen Excel EPC India Pvt. Ltd. has become India’s fastest growing Ethanol Technology EPC Company executing more than 40 projects per year and soaring to new heights every year, in this golden era of E20 EBP by GOI coupled with increased demand for ENA / Alcohol Pan India.

In conversation with ChiniMandi, Mr. Sanjay Desai, Chairman & Managing Director, Regreen Excel shared how the company is at the forefront for setting up greenfield Grain based Distillery Units or add-on modules to process the grains to produce Ethanol from the existing molasses-based distilleries attached to sugar factories.

Mr. Desai shared that recently they successfully commissioned Asia’s largest Cane syrup based Ethanol of capacity 800 KLPD for one of their prestigious Client in Karnataka and India’s largest grain based Ethanol Plant of capacity 450 KLPD is under execution.  GOI’s Roadmap of ethanol production of 426 crore litres is derived from molasses-based distilleries, and 258 cr. litres from grain-based distilleries and is proposed to be expanded to 760 cr. litres and 740 cr. litres respectively to meet the E20 blending target of 1500 Cr litres by 2025-2026. This would mean approximately 50% of the blending will be achieved with the molasses-based distilleries and remaining 50% from the grain-based distilleries. Looking at this, a greater number of Grain based Distilleries are expected in future to meet this demand.

Further sharing his views on Cane syrup-based distillery operation during off-season, Mr. Desai shared, “Cane syrup plant will operate during crushing season i.e. for 120 days. To run the plant throughout the year it would be a great option to add Grain to ethanol route to the existing modules with a minimum investment. The existing molasses-based distillery plant can be utilized with minimum investment to produce ethanol from grains through E-max technology. This would also mean adding to the revenue while helping the rural economy. The by-product of the grain distillery is Distillers’ Dry Grain Soluble (DDGS) can be sold as a cattle feed – again adding to the revenue.”

Regreen Excel is already executing a number of projects wherein Client is opting for Dual mode distilleries with E-max technology. Moreover, Molasses-based distilleries have also been offered interest subvention to convert them to dual feed, to convert both food-grains & molasses into ethanol, he added.

Regreen Excel provides its Clients with unmatched cutting-edge technology solutions, surpassing the performance benchmarks of the Industry in terms of efficiency, quality and steam economy.

Key Highlights of E-max Technology Installations
· India’s Largest Grain Distillery – 450 KL
· India’s Largest Molasses Distillery – 800 KL
· India’s Largest Ethanol Dehydration Plant – 275 KL
· India’s Lowest Steam Grain Distillery (+Evaporation) at 3.75 kg/litre.
· India’s Lowest Steam Molasses Distillery (+Evaporation) at 2.75 kg/litre.
· India’s only DDGS Dryer Vapor Integrated MEE Evaporator (DVI)
· India’s only Direct PRC Vapor Driven MSDH Ethanol Plant
· India’s Single Largest DDGS Dryer – 1600 m2
· India’s Largest spent wash Evaporator with 1500 m2 HTA.
· EPC projects with Distillery / Ethanol setup along with boiler, TG, CPU utilities and water treatment plants etc.
· Efficient water recycle system with Biological, RO and waste heat evaporation technology.

The recent projects under execution and on verge of completion are :
· Gulshan Poly Oils Madhya Pradesh – 400/450 KLPD Grain Distillery.
· Balaji Sugar, Karnataka – 160 KLPD Molasses Distillery.
· Balarampur Chini Mills, Uttar Pradesh – 323 KLPD Cane/Grain Distillery.
· Mylar Sugar Karnataka – 120 KLPD Grain Distillery.
· SVP Industries, Uttar Pradesh – 100 KLPD Grain Distillery with DDGS.
· India Glycol Ltd., Uttarakhand – 180 KLPD Grain Distillery.
· Anjali Tai Canes Pvt Ltd, Karnataka – 90 KLPD Cane Syrup Distillery.
· Savsons Distillery Ltd Karnataka – 100 KLPD Grain Distillery with DDGS and CPU.
· Rajshri Chemicals, Uttar Pradesh – 80 KLPD Molasses / Juice Ethanol / ENA Distillery.
· Forever Distillery Ltd., Uttar Pradesh – 90 KLPD Grain/Molasses Distillery.
· L H Sugar Factories Ltd., Uttar Pradesh – 80 KLPD Grain Distillery.
· Parle Biscuits Pvt Ltd., Uttar Pradesh – 120 KLPD Grain Distillery.
· Rajaram Bapu SSKL, Maharashtra – 50 KL Molasses Distillery.
· Shamanur Sugars Ltd (Karnataka) – 100 KL – EPC Grain/Molasses Distillery, Slop Co – Generation & ZLD.
· Shri Basaveshwara (Karnataka) – 95 KL – EPC Molasses Distillery, Slop Co – Generation & ZLD.
· NKJ Biofuels Pvt Ltd., Chhattisgarh – 100/150/150 KLPD Syrup / Molasses Distillery.
· Mash Spirits Ltd., Odisha – 360 KLPD Grain Distillery.
· Kartik Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd., Karnataka – 100 KLPD Grain Distillery.
· Muzaffarpur Biofuels Pvt. Ltd., Bihar – 100 KLPD Grain Distillery.
· Bharat Oorja Distilleries Pvt. Ltd., Bihar – 100 KLPD Grain Distillery.

With continued trust on Regreen Excel from the Industry, Regreen Excel has recently bagged the below orders :
· Tilaknagar Industries Ltd., Maharashtra – Modernization of 140 KL Grain Distillery with DDGS Dryer.
· Sterling Distillers LLP, Kolkata – 150 KLPD Grain Distillery.
· B K Builder, Bihar – 60 KL Grain Distillery.
· Ugar Sugars Works, Karnataka – 300 KL Grain Distillery.
· Happy Niwas Pvt. Ltd. – 125 KLPD Grain Distillery.
· Greenergy Bio Refineries Private Limited, Karnataka – 300 KLPD Grain Distillery.
· Gulshan Polyols Ltd., – 200 KL Grain Distillery.
· KGS Spirits LLP, Jharkhand – 200 KLPD Grain Distillery.
· Venky Power & Metal Ltd., West Bengal- 200 KLPD Grain Distillery.
· Crystal Balaji Industries Ltd., Uttar Pradesh – 170 KLPD Grain Distillery.
· Dhampur Sugars Ltd., UP – 150 KLPD Molasses/Grain Distillery.
· Coastal Bio Ltd 200 KLPD Odisha Grain Distillery with Boiler & TG.
· VINP Ltd Karnataka 200 KLPD Grain Distillery.
· Devsristi Bio Ltd Telangana 250 KLPD Grain Distillery.

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