Riga sugar mill’s workers will be jobless for two months


Sitamarhi, Bihar: Coronavirus pandemic is taking a toll on the jobs of people. The sugar industry is also badly affected by it. According to the media reports, around 600 workers of Riga sugar mill in Bihar’s Sitamarhi district have been removed temporarily by the mill management. There will be no work from them from May 11 to July 11, 2020.

The workers worked at the mill till Saturday evening, but when they went to resume duty on Monday, the gates were locked and a notice announced their retrenchment with immediate effect. This has created a panic situation among workers. The workers staged a demonstration outside mill premises after they learnt about this. They have decided to raise an issue with the chief minister and have written him and other ministers about their plight. Sugar mill claims they are suffering from the financial crisis.

According to its notice, “The management had for some considerable time in the past has been running the sugar plant under utmost constrained particularly the recent shortage of raw materials (sugar cane)in the season of 2019-20 and it facts and circumstances beyond our control marred with huge loss now running under NPA (sic).”

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