Rise in sugar robbery case: Sugar stolen from fair price shop


Kawardha: It seems sugar robbery cases are on the rise. On October 9, Unidentified men by breaking locks of a fair price shop in Kawardha decamped with foodgrains including sugar. A police complaint has been lodged with the local Kukdoor police station in this regard. The preliminary investigation says thieves took away 2.74 quintals of sugar.

According to police, Dinesh Kumar, a salesman from the shop lodged a complaint in this matter. Police are further investigating the case in detail.

Well, this is not the first time when the sweetness of sugar has attracted robbers, earlier too sugar robbery cases were reported. Recently, at the Dorangla police station in Gurdaspur, sugar robbery from a shop was reported.

In another case, a gang that had stolen sugar from a truck was arrested by the CIDCO Crime Recovery Team within just two hours. Also, a case of sugar theft was reported in Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh where the sugar was stolen by breaking the lock of the government fair price shop.

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