Romanian government wants to impose tax on sugary drinks

Many countries around the world have introduced a tax on sugary drinks over the past few years. Now, following the footsteps, the Romanian government is mulling to introduce a sugar tax. According to the reports, the government is likely to have a discussion next week over the introduction of a tax on drinks with a high content of sugar.

It is likely that with the initiation of a sugar tax, it may impact on sugar usage in the country. The government aims to introduce it in a bid to reduce sugar consumption and to promote a better and healthy life.

Reports suggest that tax would be introduced from September. Following which, consumers in the country may have to shell out more money for sugary drinks. The tax for drinks with a sugar content of 5 to 8 grams per 100 ml will be RON 0.8 per litre, while the tax for beverages with a content of over 8 grams per 100 ml will be RON 1.


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