Saharanpur: Farmers urged to use new sugarcane varieties

Saharanpur: Deputy Cane Commissioner OP Singh inspected the Bidwi sugar mill on Thursday, emphasizing the need for new disease-resistant sugarcane varieties and proper farming practices for the upcoming season, reported Live Hindustan.

Singh conducted surprise inspections at the sugar mills, interacting with farmers and assessing facilities. He expressed concern about the high prevalence of diseases in the currently dominant variety 0238 in the Saharanpur region.

“We need to move towards new sugarcane varieties that are less susceptible to disease,” Singh stressed. “This will ensure healthier crops and better yields for our farmers.”

Singh also directed the mill authorities to improve cleanliness within the yard, emphasizing the importance of hygiene and safety.

He instructed the officials of the sugar mills to ensure that all sugarcane remains registered at the procurement centers. This would enable the recording of any farmer bringing sugarcane and demanding new seeds so that the required seeds can be provided accordingly.

Furthermore, he directed the sugar mill authorities to enhance cleanliness arrangements in the yard of the sugar mill.


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