Saharanpur: Sugar mills clear Rs 100 crore cane dues in single day


Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh: Sugarcane payment in every crushing season remains one of the major issues in Uttar Pradesh. Therefore cane department takes steps to ensure sugar mills clear dues on time. Department had also warned of action on sugar mills in case of payment default to cane growers. Following which mills in the state clearing the cane arrears.

According to the news report published in, sugar mills in the Saharanpur district have cleared cane dues of around Rs 100.34 crore on Thursday.

Earlier, the government had warned that the delay in clearing the arrears of sugarcane farmers would not be tolerated and directed the officials to ensure that sugar mill owners make the full payment of sugarcane farmers.

District cane officer Krishna Mohan Mani Tripathi said, “The Deoband sugar mill has cleared Rs 19 crore, Gangnauli mill Rs 6.23 crore, Nanauta mill Rs 50.09 crore and Sarsawa sugar mill made payment of Rs 25.01 crore.”

The sugar mills in the district still owe dues around Rs 630 crore to the cane farmers.


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