Saharanpur: Sugarcane Department encourages farmers to adopt new varieties

Saharanpur: The Sugar Department is transitioning to new and improved varieties due to the increasing prevalence of pests and diseases on the popular variety CO-0238. The department has initiated the cultivation of new and advanced varieties across 24,222 hectares during the season in the district, reported Amar Ujala.

This year, there has been a decrease of around 30 per cent in sugarcane production compared to the previous season in the district. Consequently, there has been a shortfall of sugarcane supply to the mills compared to the previous season. Unfavourable weather conditions and floods have exacerbated pest and disease infestations in sugarcane crops. Moreover, the disease affecting the variety CO-0238, which accounts for over 90 per cent of the district’s total sugarcane area, has also contributed significantly to this situation. The Sugar Department is raising awareness among farmers and encouraging them to cultivate new and advanced varieties.

“The Sugar Department is cultivating new and advanced varieties in place of CO-0238. The change in varieties has been implemented across 24,222 hectares in the district during the planting season. The situation regarding the change in varieties will become clear after the completion of the sugar survey,” stated Sushil Kumar, District Sugar Officer.


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