Samajwadi Party members walk out of UP Assembly over cane price


Lucknow: Accusing the government of anti-farmer, the Samajwadi Party members walked out of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly during the Question Hour on Wednesday.

The members of the opposition party were not satisfied with the reply given by the government over the issue of sugarcane and farmers welfare. During the Question Hour, Narendra Verma of SP asked the government whether it is considering the hike in cane price due to the rise in prices of fertilizers, diesel, pesticides and agricultural equipment. Replying to the question, Sugarcane Minister Suresh Kumar Rana said that the government has declared SAP after considering all the above factors.
He said that the state had already done so for the 2020-21 year and the government has fixed the prices of sugarcane at Rs 325 per quintal for early variety, Rs 315 per quintal for common variety and Rs 310 per quintal for unapproved variety. However, the opposition members were not satisfied with his reply and they walked out of the Assembly protesting against the government.


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