Samastipur: Sugar mill extends crushing operations until April 13

Hasanpur (Samastipur), Bihar: Sugar mill will continue crushing sugarcane until April 13th. Due to the shortage of sugarcane, mill management has decided to suspend crushing operations for five to six hours every day and to operate at a slower pace, reported Prabhat Khabar

Information about the first closure was released on April 8th, informing farmers that the mill would crush sugarcane until April 11th. Upon receiving information about remaining sugarcane in some areas, mill management conveyed through mobile messages related to the information of the second closure to the farmers, stating that crushing operations at the mill would continue until April 13th. Deputy General Manager of Sugarcane, Sugreev Pathak, mentioned that the information has also been provided to the Sugarcane Producer Cooperative Committee in Sakarpura. He appealed to the farmers to supply the remaining sugarcane to the mill by the specified date.


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