Sangrur: Sugarcane farmer destroys crop due to non-release of crop payment


Like Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, sugarcane farmers in Punjab too are demanding the pending cane arrears. Cane growers claim that due to the non-release of payment they are suffering from the financial crisis.

According to the news report published in, after getting tired of demanding cane payment, a sugarcane farmer, Kamaljit Singh, from the Hathan village of the Sangrur district ploughed his sugarcane crop on 4 acres. He said more sugarcane farmers will follow footsteps as they are yet to get their cane dues pending with the sugar mill.

Singh said, “Till three years back, I had been sowing sugarcane on over 20 acres but this year, I covered only 4 acres. I have been compelled to plough my entire crop. If the Punjab Government is serious about promoting crop diversification, it should release our payment on time.”

Many sugarcane farmers in the region are focusing on some other crops as they are facing delays in getting cane payments.


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