Saraswati sugar mill commences sugarcane crushing season


Yamunanagar: Sugar mills in Haryana commenced the crushing season. Giving relief to the cane farmers, the Saraswati Sugar Mill started crushing season setting the target of crushing 160 lakh quintals of cane this season.

Confirming the development, chief officer of mill S K Sachdeva stated, 25,000 farmers from Yamunanagar and neighbouring district supply cane to the mill.

“Mill is a lifeline for us as Yamunanagar is the hub of the sugarcane crop in the state and our livelihood depends on this,” said a farmer.

D P Singh, senior vice-president (cane) said, “Last year we had crushed 160 lakh quintal sugarcane. We have opened 42 purchase centres to buy sugarcane from farmers.”

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