Sarsawa sugar mill completes cane crushing operations

Sarsawa, Uttar Pradesh: Kisan cooperative sugar mills Sarsawa closed its operations on Sunday after crushing 1.70 lakh quintal more sugarcane than the set target for the ongoing crushing season.

According to the news report published in, the sugar factory operated for a total of 6 months and 18 days.

V P Pandey, managing director of the mill said that the mill closed operations on Sunday after ensuring that all the cane grown in the region is crushed completely.

He said that the sugar mill had achieved a target of crushing 47 lakh quintals of sugarcane. Also, the mill has set a new record by crushing more than one lakh 70 thousand quintals of sugarcane. We have produced 5.03 lakh quintal sugar with a recovery rate of 10.35 per cent.


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