Protect sugarcane: Farmers in Karnataka to get six hours of power

Belgavi: In a bid to mitigate the adverse impact of scanty rainfall on standing crops, particularly sugarcane, the Karnataka government has directed electric supply companies to extend the power supply for rural irrigation pump sets from five to six hours, reported The Hindu.

A decision reached at a recent meeting of officials in Bengaluru has resulted in an additional hour of power supply for farmers. A directive issued in this regard emphasizes officials’ efforts to ensure uninterrupted power for six hours, wherever feasible. In cases where uninterrupted supply is not possible, a staggered power supply of four hours during the day and two hours at night is to be implemented, according to the order.

As per media report, most electricity supply companies have opted for staggered power supply due to power scarcity. This staggered supply will entail six hours of power, with four hours during the daytime and two hours during the night. In the preceding months, farmers received five hours of power, divided into three daytime hours and two nighttime hours. 

This extended power supply arrangement is expected to last for the next three weeks, aligning with the sugarcane harvesting season. As farmers reduce water consumption for their crops, power demand is expected to decrease, and power availability will increase with the onset of sugar factories’ bagasse-based power production.



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