“Scientists should focus on sugarcane research”

Scientists working in the sugarcane sector should focus on developing varieties like Co 0238 to meet the sugar and energy needs, said T R Sharma, Deputy Director General (Crop Science) of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi, reports The Hindu.

He was speaking at a session organised on “Sugarcane scenario: Research and Industry perspective”.

Addressing the gathering, he said that the scientists should focus on developing sugarcane varieties that are resilient to the climate and efficiently use nutrients as well as water. Apart from this, they should use technology to develop machinery for harvesting and improvise the technology to get good yield through intercropping sugarcane with oil seeds and pulses, he said.

Scientists should develop techniques to overcome the drawbacks of varieties such as the shy-tillering nature of the Co 0118 variety, red rot/top borer susceptibility of the Co 0238 variety and water-stress intolerance of Co 86034, said Bakshi Ram, former director of ICAR-Sugarcane Breeding Institute.


  1. One day the sugarcane farmers will be destroyed automatically, The cultivation rates are not affordable (raised by 2.5) and the sugarcane rates(same from 7 to 8 years) are has been given a full stop. The varities and all the stuff is no use for a farmer until he has given half the cultivation price or a better rate for sugarcane so he can live a happy life or he will leave this miserable life


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