Season 2021-22: India’s sugar production report till November 15


According to the Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA), sugar production till 15th November, 2021 in the current 2021-22 SS is 20.90 lac tons, as against 16.82 lac tons produced last year on 15th November 2020. As compared to 289 sugar factories which were crushing sugarcane last year on 15th November, 2020, 308 sugar mills are crushing sugarcane on 15thNovember, 2021 this year. Several sugar mills in south and west, started their operations earlier this season, because of which the sugar production till 15th November, this year is slightly higher.

In Uttar Pradesh, crushing season in the current season got delayed by a few days due to unseasonal rains in 3rd week of October, 2021. Currently, 74 sugar mills have started their crushing operations for this season and they have produced 2.88 lac tons of sugar by 15th November 2021. Last year in the same period, 76 mills were in operation and they had produced 4 lac tons of sugar till 15th November 2020.

On the other hand, crushing season in other two major States Maharashtra and Karnataka started well in time in 2nd week of October, 2021. Since the start of season, the pace of commencement of factories in the current season is seen to be faster than the last season.

In Maharashtra, 134 sugar mills have commenced their crushing operations as on 15th November 2021 and have produced 8.91 lac tons of sugar, as compared to 120 mills which operated last season producing 6 lac tons of sugar on the corresponding date.

In Karnataka, 63 sugar mills were in operation as on 15th November 2021 and have produced 7.62 lac tons, as compared to 60 mills which were operating and had produced 5.66 lac tons last year upto the corresponding date.

In Gujarat 14 sugar mills were crushing on 15th November, 2021 and they have produced 75,000 tons of sugar. Last year on 15th November, 2020, 14 mills were in operation and they had produced 80,000 tons of sugar.

Among the remaining States like Uttarakhand, Bihar, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Telangana, about 23 factories have commenced their crushing operations and they have together produced 74,000 tons of sugar till 15th November, 2021.

As per port information and market reports, about 25 lac tons of contracts for export of sugar have already been entered into so far. Out of this, about 2.7 lac tons of sugar have been physically exported out of the country in the month of October,21 as compared to 1.96 lac tons exported in the corresponding month last year. It is also reported that another over 2 lakh tons of sugar is in pipeline to be physically exported in November 2021.

With an OB of sugar for 2021-22 SS of about 81.75 Lakh tons as on 1st October,2021 and an estimated sugar production of 305 Lakh Tons, India will have another surplus year and need to continue to export about 60 lakh tons of the surplus sugar out of the country during 2021-22 SS also.

Against an annual requirement of 459 Crore ltrs of ethanol by the OMC’s for 2021-22 ethanol supply year, 414 Crore ltrs of bids have been submitted in the first EOI invited by OMC’s. The bids are under examination and Agreements would be signed soon.




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