Season 2021-22: Mills in Uttar Pradesh produce 102.48 lakh tonnes of sugar so far

Lucknow: Sugar production in Uttar Pradesh has crossed 100 lakh tonnes as the cane crushing has entered in the last leg.

According to the government data, sugar mills in the state have produced 102.48 lakh tonnes of sugar by crushing 1014.76 lakh tonnes of sugarcane till 03 June, 2022, which is lower compared to the last season. The mills in the previous season had produced 110.59 lakh tonne sugar by crushing 1027.50 lakh tonnes of cane.

So far, the mills have cleared cane payment of Rs 26,630.40 crore which is 76.07 per cent of the total cane bill.

The mills have made almost 100 per cent of payment of the previous season and the administration is taking steps to ensure mills expedite payment for the ongoing crushing season.


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