Season 2022-23: India’s sugar production updates by ISMA

According to the Indian Sugar Mills Association, sugar production till 15thJanuary, 2023 in the current 2022-23 SS is 156.8 lac tons, against 150.8 lac tons produced last year on 15th January, 2022, i.e. higher by 6 lac tons. Number of operating factories are also higher at 515 against 507 which operated last year on the corresponding date.

As per port information and market reports, about 55 lac tons of contracts for export of sugar have already been entered into so far. Out of that, over 18 lac tons of sugar have been physically exported out of the country upto 31stDecember’22, which is almost similar to the sugar exported last year by the end of December’21.

Following table gives state-wise detail of sugar production this year vis a vis last year:



2023 2022
No. of operating factories Sugar production (lac tons) No. of operating factories Sugar production (lac tons)
U.P. 117 40.7 120 40.2
Maharashtra 198 60.3 192 58.8
Karnataka 73 33.6 72 32.7
Gujarat 16 4.8 15 4.6
Tamil Nadu 26 3.6 23 2.1
Others 85 13.8 85 12.4
ALL INDIA 515 156.8 507 150.8

(Note: Above sugar production figures are after diversion of sugar into ethanol and the January’2023 2nd fortnight report will also include the full quantum before diversion into ethanol)



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