Season 2022-23: India’s sugar production updates by NFCSF

While 531 sugar mills across the country have produced 320.30 lakh tonnes of sugar till April 30, 2023, the National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Federation (NFCSF) estimates production of 327.35 lakh tonnes of sugar by the end of the season. The NFCSF’s estimate is based on the latest information of sugarcane and sugar production.

Five major states –Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu– are leading in sugar production followed by Haryana, Punjab and Bihar. Maharashtra has produced the most i.e. 105.3 lakh tonnes of sugar.

Out of 531 sugar mills in the country, 67 mills are still in operation (till April 30).

While Uttar Pradesh has produced 101.90 lakh tonnes of sugar, Karnataka has produced 55.50 lakh tonnes and Tamil Nadu and Gujarat have produced 10.95 lakh tonnes and 10.10 lakh tonnes respectively. Apart from this, sugar production has gained momentum in the states of Haryana (7.15 lakh tonnes), Punjab (6.65 lakh tonnes) and Bihar (6.40 lakh tonnes). Apart from these states, Madhya Pradesh (5 lakh ton), Uttarakhand (4.75 lakh ton), Telangana (2.80 lakh ton), Andhra Pradesh (2.30 lakh ton) and rest of the states have produced 1.50 lakh ton of sugar.

Gujarat figured top in the average sugar recovery in the country (10.80 per cent) followed by Karnataka (10.10 per cent), Telangana (10.10 per cent), Maharashtra (10 per cent), Andhra Pradesh (9.70 per cent), Bihar (9.70 per cent) and Uttar Pradesh (9.65 percent) .

During this period, maximum sugarcane got crushed in Uttar Pradesh (1055.96 lakh tonnes) followed by Maharashtra (1053 lakh tonnes) and Karnataka (549.50 lakh tonnes).

“Considering the current pace of crushing, the current sugar season in the country will last till the end of May and it is estimated to produce about 327 lakh tonnes of new sugar. In addition, about 45 lakh tonnes of sugar is estimated to be diverted to ethanol production,” asserted the President of NFCSF , Mr. Jaiprakash Dandegaonkar in a release .



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