Season 2023-24: 26 mills close crushing operations; 223.60 lakh tonnes sugar produced so far

Country’s sugar crushing season is underway with slightly lower sugar production compared to the previous season.

According to the data from the National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories Limited (NFCSF), as of February 15, 2024, the crushing season for the season 2023-24 is ongoing in 507 sugar mills across the country, with a total sugarcane crushed amounting to 2268.27 lakh metric tonnes (LMT), producing 223.60 lakh metric tonnes of sugar.

A total of 533 sugar mills participated in the crushing season across the country, with 26 mills having concluded crushing operations so far.

In contrast, during the same period in previous season, 534 sugar mills participated, with 31 mills closed operations. These mills had crushed 2362.30 LMT of sugarcane, resulting in 228.80 LMT of sugar production.

The sugar recovery rate in the country is higher compared to the previous season. As of February 15, 2024, the average sugar recovery rate stands at 9.86%, while the average recovery rate in the previous season was 9.69%.

Currently, Maharashtra leads in sugar production among states, followed by Uttar Pradesh. Maharashtra has produced 79.45 LMT of sugar so far, while Uttar Pradesh has produced 68.40 LMT.

In Karnataka, sugar production reached 42.80 LMT, lower than 45.80 LMT previous season during the same period.


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