Season 2023-24: Latest sugar production updates by ISMA till April 15

The sugarcane crushing season 2023-24 in India has entered its last leg as a large number of sugar mills have started ending operations.

According to data released by Indian Sugar & Bio-energy Manufacturers Association (ISMA), net sugar production till 15th April, 2024 in the current 2023-24 SS reaches 310.93 lakh tonnes, against 312.38 lakh tonnes produced last year on the corresponding date.

Pace of closure in the first fortnight of April this year has been much higher than last year. Comparatively 128 mills closed their operations during this period against 55 mills last year.

Overall, 448 factories have concluded their crushing operations nationwide against 401 closed last year, as of  April mid i.e., number of operating factories were 84, which is 48 less than last year, 132 mills were operating previous year on the corresponding date.


Graph Depicting Bi-weekly Sugar Production Trend


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