Season 2023-24: Six sugar mills in Solapur and 5 in Kolhapur continue crushing so far

Kolhapur: A significant number of sugar mills in Maharashtra have concluded their crushing season, signalling the end of cane-crushing operations in several regions of the state. As of April 2, 157 sugar mills in Maharashtra have ended operations, compared to 200 mills in the previous season during the same period.

In the Kolhapur region, 35 out of 40 sugar mills have completed crushing, leaving only 5 mills operational. Similarly, in the Solapur division, 44 out of 50 mills have shut down, with only 6 mills still running.

A total of 207 sugar mills, including 103 cooperative and 104 private mills, participated in the crushing season in Maharashtra. So far, 1053.3 lakh tonnes of sugarcane have been crushed, resulting in the production of 1077.89 lakh quintals (107.78 lakh tonnes) of sugar as of April 2, 2024.

In comparison, during the previous season, 211 sugar mills crushed 1053.04 lakh tonnes of sugarcane and produced 1050.84 lakh quintals (105.08 lakh tonnes) of sugar during the same period.


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