Season 2023-24: Sugar output in Maharashtra crosses 109 lakh tonnes

The sugarcane crushing season in Maharashtra is nearing its end as only 18 sugar mills are currently operational in the state, with sugar production surpassing 109 lakh tonnes. This season’s sugar output has already exceeded that of the previous season.

According to a report by the Sugar Commissionerate, a total of 207 sugar mills, including 103 cooperative and 104 private mills, participated in crushing this season. So far, 1064.95 lakh tonnes of sugarcane have been crushed, resulting in the production of 1091.36 lakh quintals (109.13 lakh tonnes) of sugar as of April 15, 2024. In the corresponding period of the previous season, 211 sugar mills had crushed 1053.91 lakh tonnes of sugarcane, producing 1052.3 lakh quintals (105.23 lakh tonnes) of sugar.

A total of 189 sugar mills have closed crushing operations in Maharashtra’s current season compared to 211 mills in the previous season. Additionally, there has been a marginal increase in sugar recovery this season.

The sugar recovery rate in Maharashtra for the 2023-24 season stands at 10.25 per cent as of April 15, 2024, compared to 10.00 per cent in the same period of the previous season.


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