Season 2023-24: Sugar recovery in Maharashtra crosses 9 per cent

Maharashtra, one of India’s leading sugarcanr production states, is witnessing a decline in sugar production compared to the previous season. As of January 04, 2024, the state has experienced a reduction of 90.86 lakh quintals in sugar production.

According to data from the Sugar Commissioner’s office, a total of 197 sugar mills in Maharashtra have commenced crushing operations for the 2023-24 season until January 04, 2024. This includes 97 cooperative and 100 private mills, with a cumulative crushing of 463.19 lakh metric tonnes of sugarcane. The state has produced 41.86 lakh tonnes (418.66 lakh quintals) of sugar so far, with an average sugar recovery rate of 9.04 percent.

In comparison, during the same period last season, 201 sugar mills were operational, crushing 540.66 lakh tonnes of sugarcane, resulting in a sugar production of 50.92 lakh tonnes (509.52 lakh quintals).

Solapur division leads in sugar production in Maharashtra, with 47 sugar mills initiating crushing sessions. Till January 04, 2024, Solapur division has crushed 100.83 lakh tonnes of sugarcane, yielding 83.93 lakh quintals of sugar, with a sugar recovery rate of 8.32 percent.


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