Season 2023-24: WISMA estimates 95 lakh tonnes of sugar production in Maharashtra

In Maharashtra’s Marathwada, Vidarbha and Central Maharashtra regions due to unseasonal heavy rains in October and November, sugarcane productivity and sugar production increased by 10 to 12 percent over the pre-season estimate of 88 lakh tonnes, resulting in 7.5 percent increase in total sugar production in going sugar season. WISMA President Mr. B. B. Thombare believes that Maharashtra’s sugar production in the current season will be 95 lakh tonnes. President Thombare expressed while talking to reporters after WISMA’s Executive Committee held on 2nd January, 2024.

WISMA Executive Committee reviewed 99 Private and 96 Cooperative totaling 195 sugar mills actual and expected crushing as on 31st December, 2023 and sugar production. Their daily crushing capacity is 9 lakh tonnes. Initially season was expected to run for 90 – 100 days. But at the end of December actual total sugarcane availability of 946 lakh tonnes is showing rise of 5 percent making total of 993 lakh tonnes, out of which 428 lakh tonnes crushing has produced 38.20 lakh tonne of sugar in 60 days. Balance 565 lakh tonnes of cane is left out.

Unseasonal rains have contributed to rise in sugarcane production by 8 -10 percent leading to 5 percent increase tonnage totaling 100 days season duration to 125 – 130 is anticipated. Due to this 40 percent cane crushing has produced 38 lakh tons of sugar and balance 60 percent cane will produce total 95 lakh tons is reality and factuals.

The rise in state sugar production is due to two main reasons of cane productivity per hector rise due to unseasonal rains and central government restrictions on syrup to ethanol vide 7th December, 2023 order and led to ethanol diversion sacrificing sugar production. Earlier Maharashtra state estimates were net 88 lakh tonnes with about 8 to 10 lakh tonnes of sugar diversion for ethanol but due to above situation net sugar production without diversion for ethanol would be 95 lakh tonnes as studied by WISMA and Maharashtra State Cooperative Sugar Federation. Major sugar producing Maharashtra and Karnataka states due to drought like situation earlier sugar production was estimated as lower side but October and November unseasonal rains on larger scale including Gujarat have contributed to 8-10 percent rise in per hector sugarcane production. Second largest sugar producing state Uttar Pradesh also experienced adequate rain and favourable atmosphere anticipated 10 percent rise over last year’s sugar production initially, but as on December -2023 end Uttar Pradesh have produced 35 lakh tonnes and showing signs of 120-125 lakh tonnes of sugar as indicated by state industry revealed by Mr. Thombare. Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Gujarat are the main contributor up to 80 percent states actual and anticipated season’s production visualizes India’s nett sugar production up to 320 lakh ton certainly, mentioned by Mr. Thombare.


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