SEIC 2024: Fiji eyes to boost ethanol production

Fiji’s Sugar Industry Minister, Charan Jeath Singh, affirmed the nation’s strong dedication to transitioning towards ethanol production during his participation in India’s largest Sugar and Ethanol conference.

Singh underscored the significance of diversifying Fiji’s sugarcane production into ethanol, recognizing its potential to yield benefits for both farmers and the national economy.

Emphasizing ethanol’s pivotal role in forging a sustainable future, Singh highlighted its capacity to enhance farmer returns, diminish fuel imports, and mitigate environmental impact. At the conference, Singh actively engaged with key industry leaders from India’s sugar sector, fostering discussions that centered on collaborative strategies aimed at revitalizing Fiji’s sugar industry and reinstating its historical prominence.

The SEIC 2024 conference, organised by ChiniMandi, concluded on a positive note, symbolizing a collective commitment to advancing sustainability, innovation, and excellence within the sugar and ethanol industries. The event served as a platform to bring together influential figures, including government officials, industry leaders, and stakeholders, fostering discussions and exploration of collaborative solutions for the future.


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