Setback for Muzaffarnagar sugarcane farmers


Muzaffarnagar: Sugarcane farmers in Muzaffarnagar may get major setback as the cane in the region got infected by the disease. The famed Co-0238 high-yielding sugarcane variety, which is used in big numbers by sugarcane farmers has run into trouble as it came to contact with fungal infection.

According to the reports, this sugarcane variety is produced on 96 per cent land of Muzaffarnagar. Cane growers showing concern said that if the government will not pay attention to this crisis, then farmers will have to suffer a huge loss. Meanwhile, the sugarcane department of urged farmers not to grow more than 60 per cent of any sugarcane variety.

Earlier, Pilibhit district cane growers also faced the brunt of Red Rot sugarcane disease as thousands of acres of land were under its effect.

Over the years, the Indian Sugar Industry lacks sustainability of sugarcane, sugar production and profitability. Keeping in view the prevailing sugarcane production technologies can be improved by adopting sustainable sugarcane production technologies and premium early maturing sustainable high sugar varieties having multiple resistance against prevailing diseases and pests.

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