Severe Thunderstorms To Continue Across Maharashtra, Odisha, West Bengal, Northeast India And South India


Severe thunderstorms will continue across Maharashtra, and South India on Sunday, as the anticyclones in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea will remain. Threats of heavy downpour, frequent lightning, damaging gust and hail will continue till early next week, in South India. On Tuesday, a cyclone might develop off the west sea bringing heavy rains in Kerala. There are risks of mudslide and flash flood due to heavy downpours, especially in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Unstable air from the sea will dominate and cause severe thunderstorms across Maharashtra, Odisha, West Bengal, northeast India and south India. Atmospheric conditions will be highly unsettled throughout the evening and night.

In northern states, the upper trough will slightly shift eastward, but the isolated thunderstorms will remain in some areas.

Maximum temperatures across North India will continue to be below average to average. However, maximum temperatures will be above average in most other parts of the country. It will continue to be about 35°C in Mumbai, New Delhi, Jaipur and Agra.

SOURCEThe Weather Channel


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