Haryana: Shahabad sugar mill to start crushing season today; aims to achieve higher sugar recovery

Shahabad, Haryana: The crushing season at the Shahabad Cooperative Sugar Mill is set to commence on Tuesday, reported Dainik Tribuneonline.

Ramkaran Kala, Chairman of the Sugar Federation, will be the chief guest on this occasion, while the program will be presided over by the Chairman of the Sugar Mill and the District Magistrate, Shantanu Sharma. Managing Director Rajiv Prasad stated that the mill will make payments to farmers based on the increased sugarcane prices set by the government.

He mentioned that regular payments for sugarcane would be made to farmers within 7 to 10 days. He also highlighted that the mill is implementing the Advance Token System for the first time, which will save time for farmers. MD Rajiv Prasad explained that this is a modern system, and the demand for it has been expressed in writing by farmers in the area.

In this system, farmers can apply tokens by assessing the number of sugarcane trolleys in their yards. This will prevent congestion at the mill, and farmers will spend less time emptying their sugarcane trailers, leading to increased recovery of sugar and fresher sugarcane. The MD stated that the mill aims to achieve the highest recovery of 11 percent in the state.


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