Shamli: Farmers’ protest continues for pending cane dues

Shamli, Uttar Pradesh: Talks between farmers protesting at Upper Doab Sugar Mill in Shamli, and the mill’s unit head failed on Thursday, with farmers vowing to continue their protest until their dues are paid, reported Live Hindustan.

The farmers have been protesting since Wednesday, demanding payment of their outstanding sugarcane dues. They have also demanded that the mill’s distillery be shut down and the sale of sugar be halted until their demands are met.

The unit head told farmers that if the distillery is shut down, ethanol production will be affected and the mill’s revenue will also decline. This will make it difficult for the mill to obtain loans from banks. He also said that if sugar is not sold, farmers will not be paid.

Farmers responded by saying that they understand the mill’s concerns, but they believe that the mill’s management should take steps to ensure that their dues are paid as soon as possible.

The unit head said that this is not possible as it would put a financial burden on the mill.

Farmers have vowed to continue their protest on Friday and have threatened to take more drastic action if their demands are not met.


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