Sharad Pawar demands relaxation on ethanol blending limit and lifting ban on sugar exports

Pune: Nationalist Congress Party (Sharadchandra Pawar) leader Sharad Pawar requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to lift the ban on sugar exports and relax the limits on ethanol blending, warning that failure to do so would necessitate democratic action, reported Hindustan Times.

Pawar, who has been touring the Baramati Lok Sabha (LS) constituency for the past three days, stated, “The central government has made many decisions against farmers. If sugar is exported, farmers get better prices. But this government has banned sugar exports and imposed restrictions on ethanol blending, causing sugar factories to earn less income.”

“On one hand, the central government is ensuring that farmers get lower prices, while on the other, the input costs of agriculture have increased. Farmers are incurring losses on both sides of the supply chain. I have written a letter to the PM about it and urged him to take the necessary steps. I hope the PM will make positive decisions about it; otherwise, we will have to take necessary steps democratically. I will need the support of the farmers for this,” Pawar said.



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